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Where I’ve Been in the Last Year

January 3, 2017.Uncategorized

Hello to everyone who read my website last year! Here’s a little recap of what has happened in my mental/physical health world since I published my first pieces on this site in August 2015 (yep, it’s been a while). Side note:  thank you also to the random readers from Russia who read my website (thanks […]

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We All Scream in Line for Ice Cream

August 30, 2015.Uncategorized

This past April I had a panic attack at Lick, the farm-to-cone ice cream shop in Austin. I had just been to dinner with two new friends, all volunteers at Paleo f(x) 2015 that weekend. After our delicious and gluten-free dinner, one of the girls, Jess, suggested Lick.

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My Paleo Story

August 29, 2015.Uncategorized

I have been on the Paleo diet for three years. The way I came to it is this: I started off with terrible acid reflux, then discovered the Paleo diet, then found out I had an eating disorder.

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