Telling my story so you can tell yours

Telling my Story so You can Tell Yours

Where I’ve Been in the Last Year

January 3, 2017.Uncategorized

Hello to everyone who read my website last year! Here’s a little recap of what has happened in my mental/physical health world since I published my first pieces on this site in August 2015 (yep, it’s been a while). Side note:  thank you also to the random readers from Russia who read my website (thanks […]

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We All Scream in Line for Ice Cream

August 30, 2015.Uncategorized

This past April I had a panic attack at Lick, the farm-to-cone ice cream shop in Austin. I had just been to dinner with two new friends, all volunteers at Paleo f(x) 2015 that weekend. After our delicious and gluten-free dinner, one of the girls, Jess, suggested Lick.

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My Paleo Story

August 29, 2015.Uncategorized

I have been on the Paleo diet for three years. The way I came to it is this: I started off with terrible acid reflux, then discovered the Paleo diet, then found out I had an eating disorder.

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